Clergy, Parish Council, and Ministry Leaders

Holy Ascension Orthodox Church is a mission of the Diocese of the West
Orthodox Church in America

"People are attracted to the Orthodox faith because we offer something that other churches and other religions don't offer. We offer the ancient Christian faith, the faith of the apostles, and that history is alive. It's not something that's dead and sterile, but it's alive. The Holy Spirit is alive in the Church, constantly renewing the body of Christ in each place, in each time, in each civilization it finds itself."

Archbishop Benjamin

Rev. Benjamin Huggins

Holy Ascension Orthodox Church
Diocese of the West

Parish Council:
Jason Obenchain, Vice-President
Jami Sales, Treasurer
Michelle Chobany, Secretary
Julia Schumann-Shinsky, Member
Ministry Leaders:
Rodney Chobany, Facilities Director/Lead Reader
Michelle Chobany, Assistant Treasurer
Mka. Lauren Huggins, Choir Director
Irene Tye, Assistant Choir Director
Leilani Obenchain, Ascension Kids Director
Noa Walker, Media Director